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The Nerdy Bat Cave aims to cover events and conventions by supporting the staff, cosplayers, vendors, and attendees while highlighting the event itself, panels, and everything in between. The Nerdy Bat Cave provides free advertising (and hyping up) the convention/event to help bring in more attendees and awareness. The Nerdy Bat Cave focuses on positivity within the community of the nerdy realm and strives to create an exciting and memorable time for everyone. Thank you for considering us and allowing us to help support your event!

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Previously Attended:

Sin City Anime 2023
Japan Hiatus March-June 2023

Cosplay Expo 2022
Sin City Anime 2022
Crunchyroll Expo 2022

Fanime 2022
OffKai Expo 2022
Supanova Gold Coast 2022
Zenkaikon 2022
Doki Day Popshop Live 2022

& Many More!

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The Nerdy Bat Cave is a supportive, positive community within the nerdy realm of events, creators, and everything in between. If you would like to be featured or have any questions, please contact at  and we will respond shortly! If you would like to invite us to your event, please contact us at Thank you for allowing us to support you!



  • Batz

    A Pixie by Day and a Goblin by Night, Batz created The Nerdy Bat Cave to hype up all the cool creatives in this universe. You can typically find Batz at the library, local café sipping a vegan chai latte, or cozy in bed watching 90's anime. Batz is truly happy when supporting others, writing, and expressing her passions of nerd and pop culture.