Book Club: Comic Book Recommendations

If you’re looking for a few comic books to read, why not check out these recommendations about 3 amazing women in Marvel. Spider-Gwen: Gwen*Verse, Ms. Marvel, and Hawkeye: Kate Bishop! From empowering stories to relatable characters, Marvel has some fantastic choices in action-packed Women-led series.

Spider-Gwen: Gwen*Verse is a five-part comic series dedicated to the Spider-Verse roots with of Gwen’s own Multiverse adventure!

Spider-Gwen: Gwen*Verse was written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Jodi Nishijima with character designs by Peach Momoko. There are different variant editions so definitely keep an eye out for those comics!!

Powerful inside and out, Ms. Marvel has definitely developed to be truly one of my favorite heroes. While following along with her heroic and personal growth, Kamala Khan has been such an incredible adventure to follow and I personally cannot wait until the Ms. Marvel series. But, for now, at least we have the newest comics book series of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit! Written by Samira Ahmed. Cover by Marshal Ahmed. The Variant Edition Cover for #1 (shown below) is by Rian Gonzales.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop is definitely a must-read. #1-5 Available now. Below is Variant Cover #5 by Rickie Yagawa, Written by Marieke Nijkamp.

Check out your local comic book shops, local libraries, and bookstores to find the latest and greatest comic books and to support small businesses! <3

What comic books are you reading this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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