Wonderful World of Disney nuiMOs

The Nerdy Bat Cave has been incredibly excited for the new releases of Disney’s nuiMOs plush characters and accessories lately! If you haven’t heard of nuiMOs yet, they are Disney character plush toys and accessories that release new items on the first of every month. The term “nuiMOs” comes from the Japanese words “Nuigurumi” (plush) and “Moderu” (model). So far in the US, there has been 8 characters released; Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Stitch, Angel, Kermit, and Miss Piggy. There has been many different sets of accessories and clothings to change your nuiMOs in ranging from designer, casual, casual cosplay and Disney bound sets as well as mini loungefly backpacks. At the first of each month Shop Disney and physical Disney stores will release new characters and new clothing! It’s a really cute and fun collectable but also can be quite expensive.

Disney Store in Oregon

We, The Nerdy Bat Cave, couldn’t resist and decided to collect a few and enjoy them with a social media presence on TikTok and YouTube. Please check out our social links to check out what silly and zany adventures our nuiMOs will have!

Have you collected any nuiMOs yet? Which ones? Are there any in particular you are excited for? Personally, I cannot wait for Chip & Dale!




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