The Nerdy Bat Cave is so excited to interview Airii, a super sweet artist that draws kawaii anime girls in pretty soft pastel hues. You can also see beautiful textures like dots, stripes, and xx’s within her art pieces. Airii’s art is totally unique, and screams lovely!<3

Introducing: AIRII.EXE!

Name/Artist Name: Airii
Pronouns: she/her
Shop/Social Handles: airii.exe
Commissions Open? Yes

art by @airii.exe

Batz: Hi Airii! Thank you for having this interview for The Nerdy Bat Cave!
Please introduce yourself to those who may not know you.
Also, how long have you been an artist? 

Airii: Hi! I’m Airii, and I usually draw cute anime girls.
I have loved drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, but I only started drawing seriously in September 2020. 

Batz: What is your art style like?
Everything you draw is always so magical and pretty!<3

Airii: Digital art influenced by kawaii anime girls. 

Batz: What or Who were your inspirations for being an artist? 

Airii: There are so many, but my biggest inspirations are Yoaihime, Frannana_ and Nemupan.

Batz: Those are all wonderful artists!
I’m sure you have drawn many, many art pieces, but what has been your favorite piece created?

Airii: Currently it’s a Hatsune Miku drawing in her Ready Steady outfit. 

art by @airii.exe

Batz: She’s adorable! I want that outfit in real liiife!<3
Are there any new or future releases to be looking forward to?

Airii: Quite a few, actually. Haha. I’m doing a series featuring all the Eeveelutions as maids.
Those are all drawings I’m looking forward to making.
Then there’s a collaboration between me and Deredere Pins.
They are going to turn some of my drawings into pins.
And last, but not least, I am in the process of setting up a sticker shop. 

Batz: Yay!! I am personally super excited about your pins and stickers!
Please let us know when you have your sticker shop up and ready!
Will you be vending at any conventions or events in 2023?

Airii: Unfortunately not.
There aren’t a lot of cons where I live and the rent for a table is ridiculous. 

I really do hope you can vend at cons in the future! I’m sure you’ll totally rock it -like Bocchi!

art by @airii.exe

Batz: Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for those new and curious about being an artist or trying art in general? 

Airii: Find out what works for you.
My art improved a lot after I figured out how I could draw from the couch, even if it meant downgrading my equipment. Sitting alone at my desk just wasn’t for me. 

Batz: Before we end our interview, is there anything you would like to say to The Nerdy Bat Cave readers?

Airii: Thank you for reading this. I really appreciate it. 

Batz: Thank YOU for being a part of this interview, Airii.
Super excited about your new shop and products.

Hey Everybatty, go give Airii a follow on her socials here, and even consider commissioning her!
Check out the gorgeous art she created for The Nerdy Bat Cave <3

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