ALO Boutique

Anna Leontine Ortiz -Owner and Creator

Favorite Anime: InuYasha, Blood+, and Eureka7

Inspirations: Family

Anna started their business, ALO Boutique, in 2012 while homeless to provide a way to afford food and gas. With enough perseverance and determination, Anna has owned ALO Boutique for 8 and a half years and it’s proudly now their main source of income and something that they honestly love and enjoy doing. Starting ALO Boutique from J-Fashion and Geek merchandise, they have now expanded to homemade products for their shop! 

ALO Boutique just released some pretty wonderful products for the month of May! Lavender Candles, Lemon & Lavender Bath Soak, Decongestant Succulent Shower Melts, and Resin Hair Clips for May and Mother’s Day are now available! Handmade products get released on the first day of every month so, on June 1st, Anna will have new handmade products. As for everything else, they go for sale whenever Anna provides new products! If you buy handmade during the month of release, you are eligible to pre-order upcoming products a half month in advance!

One of Anna’s favorite items from their shop is the Jasmine soap they created. But pens are also a favorite product that Anna loves as well!

Go check out ALO Boutique for some Geeky and Kawaii merchandise as well as some beautifully crafted handmade products! 

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