Creators Spotlight: Mellyssa Angel Diggs

Celebrating National Women’s Month, and of course, showcasing fantastic artists around the world – Check out Mellyssa Angel Diggs of Ai-Konic Graphics, a black-owned, woman-owned visual creative business! Beautiful art prints, stickers, and enamel pins all of which are perfectly curated by Mellyssa! If you have a small business, Ai-Konic Graphics is the perfect place for custom branding designs and more.

I am getting a frame ASAP for this precious art print of Totoro (Tonari no Totoro) on Spiral Hill (The Nightmare Before Christmas). <3

Love, My Nightmare Totoro by Mellyssa Angel Diggs
A collage of beautiful stickers by Mellyssa Angel Diggs

Thank you for supporting local & small businesses! <3

Meet Mellyssa Angel Diggs

Mellyssa Angel Digg’s Shop

Ai-Konic Graphics



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