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From adorable doodles to a magical shop of stickers, Doodle Flamingo is the perfect place for a dose of happiness and smiles! Welcome Birdy, the artist behind Doodle Flamingo!

What was were your Inspirations for being an artist? 

“Gosh, this is a hard one! If I had to narrow it down specifically to one artist, and to one type of art, it would be collecting Pokémon cards as a kid and seeing the work of card illustrator Tomokazu Komiya. This artist’s cards in particular were so inspiring and loose and most of all: very different from any of the other cards. Komiya never just illustrated the Pokémon, he shed new light on them. I remember looking at his artwork as a kid and just being like, I want to tell a story like that with my art.”

What is your Favorite Art Style?

“My favorite type of art style doesn’t really have a name (at least I don’t think it does) and I can best describe it as ‘doodle aesthetic’. It includes free-flowing linework, swatching of colors, simplistic cute shapes, and maybe some stickers tossed in there! I really enjoy @wooqiart, @robotdancebattle, @artstuffbyrachel, and others as well!”

★ What is your Favorite Piece created?:

“I definitely lean toward my traditional works. My favorite artwork I’ve created in the last six months has to be a spread I did over a short hiatus in December. I was going through a lot and resorted to a more collage style of doodling. While some of the spread contains other artists’ stickers, I feel I created an aesthetic that I was really aiming for. The most recent drawing that I love has to be my bug Pokémon picnic though!”

★ Any New Releases or Shop Events/Updates/News?

“I am still planning for my next shop update! However, I recently released some BIG Kirby Vinyl stickers that I have to admit, are just perfect on my sketchbook.”

What are your Favorite Video Games?:

“My favorite games are anything Nintendo; including Pokémon, Yoshi’s series, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, and more! If I had to choose a super favorite though, the answer is definitely Pokémon!”

Do you have anything you would like to share with The Nerdy Bat Cave readers?

“Never underestimate the power of fanart. Whenever I am in an art block or a tough time in my life, I just pull out my old pokemon card collection and get inspired by my favorite artists I’ve been falling in love with since I was a kid. It’s the little things” 🙂

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