GHOST GiRL GOODS is a Toronto-based clothing brand mixing kawaii and cool together! Owned by Alexia (aka GHOST GiRL, and co-owned by her partner in crime Kyelor (@k.q.leyco). They work closely with Harajuku brands such as 6%DOKIDOKI, NUEZZZ, and HYPER CORE, bringing their products to Canada as well as creating collaborative works. Alexia (aka GHOST GiRL) fuses her passions for dance, music, Japanese culture, and fashion together. Kyelor, the newest addition to the team, brings forth his creative ideas and works with Alexia to transform ideas into creations!

GHOST GiRL brought Sebastian Masuda and the 6%DOKIDOKI team to Canada for The NEW GENERATION KAWAII tour, which hit Montreal and Toronto back in August 2019. GHOST GiRL GOODS was also personally invited by lolita brand Triple* Fortune to represent Canada at their event: BuriDeco World Lolita Collection in Feb. 2020. In September of 2020, GHOST GiRL hosted a Q&A virtual hang out with Harajuku model Kurebayashi, which was open to anyone worldwide to join!

★ What are a few products or aesthetics you can find at GHOST GiRL GOODS?

“We want to create products that are both cool and cute! We hope that many people can enjoy GHOST GiRL GOODS products, no matter your age or gender! Our top items are part of the GHOSTOWN PARADE collection!” Alexia describes.

★ Are there any New Releases or Updates/News to look out for?

“The newest item released was our little GHOST GiRL plushie. Our next release is a collaboration with HYPER CORE! A few teasers were released back in Feb., but we will have the full release scheduled for June (to appear at a convention we will be guests at! Stay tuned for more on that~!). More sneak peeks will be released as we get closer to the date! Also, some new original GGG designs will be coming in July to debut at Anime North!” happily explains Alexia.

★ Are there any Events and Conventions GHOST GiRL GOODS will be attending in 2022?

Alexis confirms, “We just recently attended March Toronto ComicCon and have 4 confirmed upcoming events! This includes Yeticon in June (Blue Mountain Resort, ON), Anime North in July (Toronto, ON), and Japan Festival in August (Mississauga, ON). One event will be announced soon, and it is our 2nd USA guest appearance!”

A Positive Message from Alexia (GHOST GiRL):

“Hello everyone! This is GHOST GiRL. I’m very thankful and grateful for everyone’s support! It’s been a hard time for many of us. To all the fellow creatives out there: When you don’t feel motivated or have the same drive you did, perhaps a week ago, month, a year ago, etc., don’t give up!!! Instead, try taking things on in a different way. Try something new, like drawing something you’ve never drawn before (and don’t worry about it looking good, just let your hand move!) Draw something that looks weird on purpose. Write something that doesn’t make sense. Just let your brain move around! Then, you can go back to what you wanted to do and see it in a new light….or perhaps you got some new inspiration along the way! Remember your ultimate goal and don’t let it go. Keep working hard, but don’t pressure yourself to always make “beautiful things” or make something that NEEDS to be turned into a solid idea. Also, supporting others doing the same thing is OK! Being at the top feels good, but being at the top with those around you can have much more powerful energy, as we can all be happy together!” 🙂

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