Nefarious Painted Creations

[Christina Davis -Owner and Creator]

Christina Davis, the creator and artist of Nefarious Painted Creations, hand-paints beautifully detailed scenic Pokémon cards. Perfect for gifts or collecting your favorite Pokémon to display!

Favorite Anime Series: Tokyo Ghoul and Fushigi Yugi

Favorite J-Fashion Style: Visual Kei

Favorite Brand: h.NAOTO

Inspirations: Christina happily states, “I am inspired by tons of things such as nature, music, and other artists. I have always enjoyed creating art since I was in elementary school and it just blossomed from there. A couple of artists that really inspires me is Sui who does a lot of the art on Pokémon Cards and Josephine Wall that creates gorgeous fantasy art with a crazy amount of details.”

Favorite Piece: “There are tons of pieces that I have created that I just love but my favorite would have to be my Painted UV glow in the dark Clefable and Gengar Shadow Box. Creating all the foliage around the card really enhanced it and made it come to life. I have done more than 200 pieces since I started really digging into creating back in 2015. I have done tons of collaborations and giveaways which is always a joy to do. It is always fun to create with other artists.” Christina shares.

Future Releases and Giveaways: “I don’t have any future releases coming up but just keep an eye on my pages and you will always be in for a surprise. I am always up for collaborations and Giveaways as long as the timing permits. Usually, when holidays come around, I am more likely to do a Giveaway.” reveals Christina.

“If you ever want to start getting into art, just have fun with it. Art is about creating how you feel. And what I always like to say is “Have fun and paint on!” -Christina proudly explains.

Check out Nefarious Painted Creations! Thank you for supporting small artists! Contact information is listed below.

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★ Instagram: NefariousPaintedCreations

★Facebook: Nefarious Painted Creations

★TikTok: Nefariouspc

★Twitch: Nefarious89



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