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[Anahi – Odyssey Blossom Studio]

Anahi is the artist behind Odyssey Blossom Studio! An enthusiastic creator who loves painting on many different materials and mediums!

Favorite Anime and TV Shows: “Of course, Naruto <33 and Sailor Moon! I love watching Impractical Jokers for a good laugh, but definitely, any serial killer/crime documentaries are my favorite to watch!”

★ Do you have a Favorite Art Style? “Ah! My art is has a cartoon/fiction-like style. Though my favorite pieces are psychedelic ones!” ?

 What were your Inspirations for being a creator? “I have always used art as an outlet to express myself, especially painting. Whenever I feel like I’m surrounded by darkness, I like to think I’m bringing in color through my paintings. Which is also why they tend to be quite colorful and vibrant!”

 What is your Favorite Piece created?: “My favorite piece created would definitely be painting a portrait of Itachi Uchiha on a Jean jacket of mine. It was SO satisfying and rewarding to looking at the end readings thinking, “Wow, I really did that!” :’)

Any Current or New Releases? “I’ve been recently trying to work on creating the tailed beasts from Naruto. I like to refer to any new piece as a “project”. I also messed with pastels, my favorite color pallet, with a Luna-inspired painting. As well as playing around with colors with my Scorpio/folk art-inspired painting. Though the majority of my projects are never planned, they mainly revolve around the way I’m feeling at the moment.”

★ Do you have anything you would like to say to The Nerdy Bat Cave readers? “I’m currently dipping my toes in the art business. I’ve always dreamed of selling my art and having it scattered around and appreciated. Believe me when I say hours of work go behind every painting, and I remember how long each one took! I also plan on painting more on denim clothing as well as totes in the future, so please stay tuned for that. Any suggestions are also greatly appreciated! Commissions are also open for everyone 🙂 We could see what we can come up with! <33”

Learn more about Odyssey Blossom Studio down below! Thank you so much for supporting small businesses of artists and creators!

Social Media & Shop Link
★ Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OdysseyBlossomStudio
★ Mercari: https://www.mercari.com/u/976075121
★ Instagram: @axvhi
★ Twitter: @axvhi17



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