VampyBitMe: “Be Unapologetically You”

Inspirational Words and Enlightening Advice by Content Creator: VampyBitMe.

Who is VampyBitMe?

“Figure out how to connect with others with your passions.” -Linda Le

The Nerdy Bat Cave had a lovely time connecting with VampyBitMe (a.k.a. Linda Le) at FanimeCon 2022 in San Jose, California. We spent the afternoon quite enthralled with heartfelt conversations. ♪ Adorned with Vivienne Westwood jewelry, VampyBitMe was just as illuminating in person just like in her social media content. Linda Le is a cosplay model extraordinaire, an incredible Gunpla-builder, and has numerous credits within the nerdy community and gaming industry. But, there’s definitely more to Linda than meets the eye. (Had to have a Transformers reference, you know?) Linda is a genuine, kind human being with a luminous heart of gold and an authentic soul. ♥

Chances are if you are a con-goer, interested in Gunpla, or a current follower of Twitch and Cosplayers, you may have heard of VampyBitMe over the years. Linda Le has inspired those immersed in the nerdy realm, encouraging everyone to follow their dreams. ♥ This is because of her truest passion, which is to help others. Which that genuine compassion shines through. Along with her many talents, Linda is the Social and Community Manager for the new FPS title GUNDAM EVOLUTION, a twitch streamer of her interests, and the host of Bandai Namco Collectibles Hobby. It’s really no surprise that Vampy has made a global impact in the gaming and content creation community with her continuous dedication. ♪

Fun Facts about VampyBitMe:

♥ Vampy Loves Kuromi ~! ♪

♪ Metal is her favorite music genre! ♥

♥ Vampy was born in Oklahoma,
then moved to California! ♪

Words of Encouragement

Vampy has an eloquent way of words and wisdom. She truly loves to connect with the community while encouraging positivity in the gaming and hobby industry. As a result, she has enlightened many creators and fans worldwide. Some of the inspiring messages that Vampy expressed were:

“As con-goers, we all are the same.”

“Really know who you are.”

“Who am I?”

“Pinpoint 3 things you are proud of.”

“How can I fully be me and still be happy and fulfill my dreams?”

“Find your voice.”

“What truly will make me happy?”

“What is your joy?”

“Try everything, take risks.”

“Content is King.”

With all the power of encouragement for all you Nerdy Bat Cave readers, we truly hope these enlightening words inspire you as those words did for us. Whether you are a content creator, cosplayer, Gunpla-builder, all the above -or just a delightful nerdy human, always embrace your passions and follow your dreams.
And, of course: “Be Unapologetically You” -VampyBitMe

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