Celebrate Doki Day @ Popshop Live!

Shopping all things cute in the convenience of your humble abode, The Nerdy Bat Cave happily announces:

Doki Day! Hosted by Biz Baz Club at Popshop Live on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, starting at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST !!

Some fun and exciting things to look forward to will be:

?A Nintendo Switch Giveaway

?FREE coloring page featuring Doki, the Mascot that this event is named after ?

?Gacha games

?Product drops

& SO much more! ?? Popshop Live is a cool, modern way to shop with small artists – like a 2022 QVC! ?

It’s very important to support small local businesses and artists from all around the world! Thank you for being a part of Doki Day’s magic!

Doki Day Banner by CUTEMATTER <3


(In Alphabetical Order!)

BizBaz Club


BizBaz Club is a unique consignment shop of over 150+ artists from around the world. BizBaz Club hosts many events, such as Doki Day!

To Visit BizBaz Club’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/bizbazclub



Butay Art is a Filipino traditional artist from Hawaii who’s inspired by fruits and everything cute. Her shop features kawaii-themed stationery goods like notepads and stickers as well as original art pieces.

To Visit Butayart’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/butayart

Egglien Creations


All apparel and accessories at Egglien Creations are created with a love of life and self-expression, encouraging art and fashion in the world of raves and J-fashion through colorful storytelling. Check out Egglien Creation’s LiveStream at 6pm PST to hang out, ask questions, watch the artist paint some cute wall decals, buy directly through the app or just tune in to hear about fun updates that they haven’t shared anywhere else!

To Visit Egglien Creation’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/eggliencreations

Gally Cat Studio


To Visit Gally Cat Studio’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/gallycatstudio

iiko Shop


Expect to meet all the Good Bois and products from IIKO SHOP <3 Also, exclusive mystery bags during Popshop Live!

To Visit iiko Shop‘s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/iikoshop

Jessica McRory


Jessica’s shop is full of magical and nostalgic art, will be showing off a lot of enamel pins, vinyl stickers, art prints, keychains, and more for Doki Day! <3

 To Visit Jessica McRory’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/jessicamcrory

Kawaii Goods


To Visit Kawaii Good’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/kawaiigoods

 Miss Alphabet


Miss Alphabet draws inspiration from Fairy Kei and Spank! fashion, as well as Barbie. So your clothes can make your dolls jealous!

Doki Day Special: $5 mystery hair bows  <3

To Visit Miss Alphabet’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/missalphabet

Naytendo Shop


Naytendo Shop is filled with kawaii art and accessories inspired by anime and pop culture!

To Visit Naytendo Shop’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/naytendo

Peachie Kei

To Visit Peachie Kei’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/peachiekei



Check out Pixemancer, the Pastel Pixel Art Aesthetics of all things kawaii! Pixemancer will be featuring original art, Pokémon, and Genshin fanart in the form of keychains, stickers, sticker sheets, and memo pads. 

To Visit Pixemancer’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/pixemancer

 Rose & Roo


Rose & Roo will be selling pins, keychains, earrings, stickers phone grips, and patches! Some of the things they sell are exclusive to the PopUp Show, so be sure to check the shop out on Doki Day!

To Visit Rose & Roo’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/rose&roo



The brand CUTEMATTER focuses on all things cute and magical, with a passion for making cute inspired enamel pins and more! Taking inspiration from Anime, Magical Girls, and Japan’s “kawaii” culture to create cute new deco and goods for fans!

To Visit CUTEMATTER’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/cutematter

Sugar Cubed Studios


For Doki Day, Sugar Cubed Studios will be showcasing some of the more popular merchandise, from chopsticks to pins! There will also be dusting off of the Gashapon machine and playing with viewers throughout the whole stream, so stop by, say hi, and stay for a good time!

To Visit Sugar Cubed Studios’ Pop Up Shop, Please Visit https://popshop.live/sugarcubed

The Frosted Cow Pin Company


The Frosted Cow Pin Company will be selling everything in the shop at Doki Day and having live gachapon spins! <3

To Visit The Frosted Cow Pin Company‘s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/thefrostedcowpinco

The Nostalgia Den


The Nostalgia Den, a collectibles store with an array of products, will be featuring all their kawaii products for the Doki Day event, to bring great prices, to the cute community!

To Visit The Nostalgia Den’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/nostalgiadenbrian

Twootie Tarte


Twootie Tarte plans on making a batch of bath bombs during the Popshop Live stream! A few Kirby-themed products will be revealed since the release of a new Kirby game is coming out on Friday. There will also be deluxe mystery bags available and whenever someone purchases them, Twootie Tarte will open them up live so they can see all the amazing goodies they got! 

To Visit Twootie Tarte’s Pop Up Shop, Please Visit: https://popshop.live/twootietarte

..And many more Artists for Doki Day will be participating!

Thank you so much for supporting small artists, local businesses,

and of course, the crafty community! <3

-Batz ♡



A Pixie by Day and a Goblin by Night, Batz created The Nerdy Bat Cave to hype up all the cool creatives in this universe. You can typically find Batz at the library, local café sipping a vegan chai latte, or cozy in bed watching 90's anime. Batz is truly happy when supporting others, writing, and expressing her passions of nerd and pop culture.

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