Cosplay Expo 2022

Cosplay Expo 2022
Caesars Forum • Las Vegas
December 9th -11th, 2022

The Nerdy Bat Cave had a blast roaming the gigantic venue of the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada at… Cosplay Expo! Did you attend this convention dedicated to cosplayers, content creators, and artists? If not, that’s okay because here is a recap showcasing some of the exceptional cosplayers and talented artists that attended Cosplay Expo this year!
As always, support cosplayers, content creators, and artists worldwide!
Here we go…!

Cosplay Showcase

Cosplay Expo 2022

Thank you for supporting cosplayers worldwide! ♪

Cosplay Expo 2022 Vendor & Artist Spotlight

Some of the talented artists that were attending were @ligersketch0x, @may.lamei, @scribblesquab, and. @patsconceptart.





Thank you for supporting artists worldwide! ♪

To learn more about Cosplay Expo 2022, please visit the Cosplay Expo Website.

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