Katsu Con 2022

Whether you went to Katsu Con 2022 (February 18th – 20th, 2022) or #NOTsucon, let’s turn that post-con depression into something creatively fun or relaxing! (Watch a new anime, or re-watch a favorite episode, color in a coloring book, go visit your local library and find some amazing manga, or dance/karaoke to anime theme songs… (Anything to brighten up your spirits! <3)

But before you do any of that, here are some creatively cool cosplayers from Katsu Con 2022!

Cinderella – Hoshi No Neko


Cinderella dress: @allenrydetyrell
Wig: @kurenaikiba

Starchasm Nyx – Willows Cosplay


Ganyu – Honey Cake Cosplay


Leone Abbacchio – Bubblegumschwing


Nausicaä – Any Reason to Empower Cosplay


Did you go to Katsu Con this year? Or perhaps NOTsucon? What were your favorite cosplay characters that you saw? Let us know in the comments! <3

Let’s appreciate and support cosplayers while creating a positive and safe space for all conventions! See you at the next con!

If you are a cosplayer/creator and would love to be featured for future conventions: please send The Nerdy Bat Cave a message here!

For Event and Press inquiries, send a message to: press@thenerdybatcave.com



A Pixie by Day and a Goblin by Night, Batz created The Nerdy Bat Cave to hype up all the cool creatives in this universe. You can typically find Batz at the library, local café sipping a vegan chai latte, or cozy in bed watching 90's anime. Batz is truly happy when supporting others, writing, and expressing her passions of nerd and pop culture.

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