OffKai Expo 2022

OffKai Expo: April 29th- May 1st, 2022
Double Tree by Hilton San Jose

The Nerdy Bat Cave had the most incredible experience of attending OffKai Expo 2022 in San Jose, California! OffKai Expo is a Vtuber and Virtual Digital Arts Fan Convention. Glitt3r and I (Batz) ventured into being Media while learning all about the incredible VTubing Community! The VTuber convention where Online Friends Meet Offline, was a 3-day debut event from the end of April into the first of May. The Nerdy Bat Cave will be covering some of the Vendors and Activities from OffKai Expo 2022!

For those who are unfamiliar, a VTuber (ブイチューバー) is a virtual YouTuber that utilizes a computer graphic generated avatar using real-time motion capture software. OffKai Expo showcased many popular VTubers with a full schedule of many panels, performances, activities, as well as Meet & Greets. Some popular VTubers that attended were Ironmouse, TechyCutie, and many more!

Supporting the Vendor’s Hall is a Must!

Ah~ The Vendor’s Hall! One of my favorite places at a convention! So many talented artists, creators, and even VTubers graced the Vendor’s Hall at OffKai. There were over 20 vendors in the Hall from the berry delightful Abigail Starling to the skillful artist Yokura. Art prints, keychains, stickers, plushes, apparel, and more could all be found while discovering new VTuber favorites or collecting the merchandise of longtime favorites. An exciting moment within the Artist Alley was actually getting to meet a few VTubers! Such as TechyCutie and Berry Mont Blanc who were attending the Vendor’s Hall with their wonderful helpers!

For a full list of Vendors that attended OffKai Expo, please check it out here!

As always, please support small businesses and artists around the world! <3

Panels, Karaoke, and Arcades -Oh My!

OffKai Expo had a jam-packed schedule of many different panels, and it was exciting to attend some of the educational ones! A lovely VTuber, Kamishiro Rita of PRISM Project, hosted Make Your Ideas Come to Life: Project Management Tips for VTubers! on Saturday, April 30th at 5:30 PM. Learning all about budgeting, building timelines, and, in addition, managing weekly and monthly goals, was incredibly informative. Rita’s soothing voice and cheerful personality made the work-related panel fun! …If only every class could be taught by VTubers~ what a dream that would be!

The Karaoke room was definitely the place to be at! The pink neon sign オーケストラ (KARAOKE) by the entrance and the sounds of nostalgic and trendy songs, truly pulled glitt3r and me in. (Personally, I have never karaoke before, but perhaps someday I’ll have the confidence to do so!) Until then, I will support those who do! And re-watch Aggretsuko for the millionth time! What are your favorite songs to sing during karaoke? Let us know in the comment section below!

One of the most soothing sounds in the world (in my sole opinion, of course!) is the beautiful cluster of sounds and music within a gaming Arcade. The excitement! The nostalgia! And of course all the amazing games for those interested in rhythm, dancing, fighting, and more. Playing Jubeat, LoveLive! and watching con-goers dance their hearts out to Konami’s Dance Rush Stardom was a delight. Shoutout to GameSaru for running the arcade and providing an excellent assortment of Japanese arcade games. In addition, a shoutout as well to ChairGTables and LAME Dimension for providing TVs and Console Games, and running some of the tournaments.

A Successful Debut Indeed!

In conclusion, OffKai Expo’s debut event in San Jose, California was definitely a memorable event. The Staff members, volunteers, and hosts were very kind and helpful. The con-goers were cheerful and a joy to be around. Chatting with VTubers, discovering new ones, and being able to truly connect with the community was such an honor and a fantastic way to spend the weekend! Looking forward to the next OffKai Expo, see you there!

Did you attend the VTuber convention OffKai Expo? Who are your favorite VTubers? Comment below and reach out! We would love to chat about it!

For more information about OffKai Expo, please visit the main website!

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