Sin City Anime 2023 in Las Vegas!

Sin City Anime 2023
Gold Coast Casino • Las Vegas
November 3rd-5th, 2023

Sin City Anime 2023, the anime convention celebrating Anime and Japanese Culture in Las Vegas, may have concluded, but don’t worry! You can support amazing cosplayers and creatives all year round. The Nerdy Bat Cave was absolutely honoured to come back to this sizzling con to capture amazing moments, cosplayers, and so many talented artists! Did you attend Sin City Anime this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Here are the talented cosplayers and artists that attended Sin City Anime!

Cosplayer Showcase

Cosplayer Credit

Vendor & Artist Spotlight

Artist Credit

Check out the full list of Exhibitors that attended SCA here!

Hamu Cotton

image courtesy: Hamu Cotton

Who is Hamu Cotton? A talented cosplay performer YouTuber in Southern California! She combines her favorite hobbies and passions into performing and brings her favorite anime characters to life on YouTube! Hamu is very active and has a huge fanbase. She uploads a new self-choreographed dance, popular dance cover, song cover, or makeup tutorial every week, bringing something new and exciting to her followers!

Check out this clip of Hamu Cotton performing Idol (アイドル) while cosplaying Kana Arima!

To learn more about Hamu Cotton, please visit her Website!

Special Shoutouts

Cherri the Mascot:
Best Mascot EVER!

Instagram Social Media Team:
A giant shout out to the rock stars behind Instagram!
@officialsincityanime is always active all year round,
and super friendly!

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff members at SCA 2023!
All your hard work, dedication, and passion do not go unnoticed! ♪

To learn more about SCA 2023, please visit the Sin City Anime Website.

egglien creations and thenerdybatcave
When an Egg and a Bat reunite!
@eggliencreations & @thenerdybatcave

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