National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book Day is today! And there’s quite something magical about a coloring book. Coloring books are an absolute delight, suitable for people of all ages! They offer an incredible opportunity to unwind and tap into your creative side. Whether you indulge in a peaceful solo coloring session or be a part of a vibrant coloring party, the experience is bound to bring immense joy and relaxation. If you haven’t yet discovered the charm of coloring, now’s the perfect time to start! Below are some magical coloring books, thoughtfully designed by talented artists from around the world. Grab your favorite coloring utensils, find a peaceful area, and let’s COLOR! ♡ 

The Magical Girl’s Self-Care Coloring Book

Written by Jacque Aye
Illustrated by Venus Bambisa

“Calling all Sailor Moon fans, Cardcaptor Sakura fans, Tokyo Mew Mew fans, and all magical girls to color in a self-love, self-esteem-boosting adventure with this unique coloring book for adults! Be empowered on your adventure to find your best self with The Magical Girl’s Self-Care Coloring Book! Inspired by the iconic magical girls of your childhood, this follow-up coloring book contains over thirty gorgeous illustrations designed to guide you on your self-care journey!”
Jacque Aye

Check Out The Magical Girl’s Self-Care Coloring Book here!

VOL. 1 & 2 COMBO

Illustrated by Ocean In Space

“Now introducing the compiled listing for Ocean In Space’s 1st and 2nd volume in the Coloring Book series! These new 2023 versions features new & improved paper – so no more texture, and easier to colour on! Plus, all of the pages are single-sided, so no fear of ruining any lineart on the back of each page! ✨”
Ocean In Space

Check Out Ocean In Space’s Colouring Books here!

A Million Magical Creatures

Illustrated by Lulu Mayo

“Delve into a fantastical world of fairies and phoenixes, where mermaids and water sprites live in enchanted lakes, and unicorns and dragons soar across starry skies. With higher than 30 spreads in this whimsical coloring book, showcasing beautifully decorated patterns and motifs, this makes the delightful collection perfect for magical-creature fans of all ages.”
Lulu Mayo

Check out A Million Magical Creatures here!

Magical Girls, Magical Creatures, Fan Art pages, mantras, and tutorials await!
Let’s celebrate National Coloring Book Day and creators worldwide every day.

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