Modern Aesthetic

[Lily Bérose (Squeaky Flower) -Owner and Creator]

Lily Bérose, the creator of Modern Aesthetic, beautifully curates unique items with a kawaii and fantasy twist. From dresses to plush backpacks, to much more, there’s always something new and interesting about Modern Aesthetic’s wonderland of incredible crafts.

Favorite J-Fashion Styles: Fairy Kei, Mori Kei, Decora / Kandi Kids, Oshare Kei / Visual Kei

Why Are You a Creator? “I like to create what doesn’t already exist. Every time I’m creating, it’s because I see the missing piece. Sometimes I wish there were a specific cut of a dress, accessory, or a painted scene or print on fabric and it doesn’t exist so I make it for myself. I create because there’s a spark within me to do so and it follows me everywhere. I wear a mixture of unique finds and creations often enough that I’ve been described as a mythical being and I definitely love embodying the ethereal within me!” reveals Lily.

Favorite Piece Created? “A fairy set complete with a captain hat for a lady going to a circus soirée! I’m drafting up some new headpieces which I’m very excited about, however, for myself, my favorite piece lately has been these cute powder pink iridescent glittery horns for casual wear.” Lily happily explains.

New Releases and Giveaways: “Some kawaii prop toy guns! I sold a giant custom bling Nerf gun that I had to cut a custom box for just to ship it out! I have seasonal sales (like Spring sales, etc) and I’m working on doing a giveaway soon!” Lily excitedly says.

Future Releases? “I’m working on some pretty fantasy dresses and accessories, plush backpacks and forest-inspired pieces,” Lily describes.

“The point of existing is to express, and the intent behind expression can be different for each person. Whether you dance or paint (or etc) you should have fun with it,” the Modern Aesthetic creator proudly shares.

Be sure to check out Modern Aesthetic for some cute and unique handcrafted items! Thank you very much for supporting small businesses!

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