Pinke Milk Creations

[Ichigo Evangeline -Creator]

Check out Ichigo Evangeline’s gorgeous handmade collars and accessories at Pinke Milk Creations! Bright beautiful colors and different lovely designs with bows, spikes, and more!

Favorite Anime Series: Red Garden, Bleach, Tokyo Mew Mew, Dororo, and Perfect Blue… for now.

Favorite J-Fashion Style: Menhera Fashion

Inspirations: “My main inspiration with my creations is magical girl anime and rave aesthetics combined.” reveals Ichigo.

Favorite Pieces and New Additions: “I don’t have a favorite piece because usually I will make something I absolutely adore and the next thing I make seems better than my last. I am slowly moving from accessories to clothing so new apparel will be coming out very soon.” Ichigo explains.

“If you have an idea or something you really want to make or do, just do it because I guarantee it will come out better than you think and someone out there will absolutely love it and your creations so just do it.” -Ichigo ★

Thank you for supporting small businesses and crafty creators! Learn more about Pinke Milk Creations below! Have a wonderful day!

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