Streamer Spotlight: kiruwuby

Welcome kiruwuby! Thank you so much for letting The Nerdy Bat Cave interview you!

What inspired you to start streaming? 

“I started streaming in late 2017 and I think the biggest thing that inspired me to start streaming was just the fact that I really love video games. I wanted to share my love of video games with others and also meet new people. I thought about trying to start making YouTube content but the live chat feature of Twitch really made me want to stream because I just wanted to interact with people that might enjoy my contact.” 

For those who may not know, can you explain the meaning behind the name “kiruwuby”?’’

“So basically, I’m a huge fan of the little pink blob, Kirby, so I kinda just decided to incorporate “uwu ” (because I’m an uwu-stan) and Kirby. So cool, I know.

Which game(s) are you currently streaming?

“Not currently streaming atm because I’m focusing on school, but some of my favorite games to stream in the past were Overwatch, Pokemon, Genshin Impact.”

Can you list your top 5 favorite games of all time?

“I honestly have no idea how to answer this question because I enjoy so many games tbh but let’s see how this goes.

  1. Pokemon Leaf Green (I’m a huge Pokemon fan and I just really enjoy the graphics of like the early 2000s pokemon, plus the first gen pokemon are some of my favs. I guess I also enjoy the simplicity and I could honestly play it over and over again)
  2. Persona 5 (It took me about 100 hours to complete this game, which is probably the most time I’ve put into a game like this. I enjoyed the voice acting, the gameplay, the story. I had so much fun playing this game because it was so chill and easy to get into)
  3. Danganronpa games (I enjoy this series so much. I love the games, but I got into the games because of the anime series. To be quite honest, the anime series is like comforting to me just because I’ve seen it so much, I love the characters, and I know what happens. I’m currently on the second game, and I haven’t finished yet, but they’re super fun to me. I don’t always like the “trial” portion of the game just because it can get complicated, but I would recommend these games to anybody)
  4. Genshin Impact (I know it’s like a super new game, but I got into it like right when it came out and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Yeah, I hate to admit that I have spent way too much money trying to get characters, but I like that, even though it’s a gacha game, you don’t have to have a certain character to continue in the story. You can pretty much be a free to play player lol
  5. Apex Legends (This one seems a little weird but I just recently got super into Apex in the last like month and I am super bad at it, but it’s so chill and like I love the characters and the lore. Bloodhound is one of my favorite characters (even though I barely play them lol) just because they have they/them pronouns and I love their voice actor Allegra Clark. Super fun game 10/10 would recommend)”

Which video game character(s) is(are) inspiring to you?

“Okay, so I mentioned this in the previous question, but one of my favorite characters is Bloodhound from Apex Legends because they have they/them pronouns and I just love seeing that kind of representation. So for this character, I legit looked up the best characters of all time and I found her name, but her name is Lightning and she’s from Final Fantasy VIII and she was the first character I ever saw in a Final Fantasy game and I was like, dang, she is pretty. Also, she’s a huge badass.”

Can you describe your live streaming setup in detail? (Are there also any specific tech/tools you love to utilize?)

As I mentioned earlier that I don’t really stream these days, but I have a pretty nice set up by my own standards. Honestly I can’t really describe my setup beside my keyboard and mouse (which are razer products. The keyboard is pink and may or may not be a Hunstman and my mouse is also pink and may or may not be a DeathAdder). My microphone which I really love is an Audio-Technica AT2020. It’s a USB mic which is slightly less quality but he’s a good boy. For my webcam, I have a Logitech Brio and it’s a pretty good webcam, and would probably be better if I knew how to do the settings. (haha)”

What is the best part about being a live streamer?

“When I was streaming, the best part about streaming was interacting with the chat. I’m an introvert and shy -to boot, but it was always so fun seeing new people and making new friends.”

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started streaming?

“I wish I had known more about a starting setup. When I first started, I was using a Blue Snowball mic and I streamed on my PS4. I wish I had maybe at least started with a computer haha but honestly seeing how much better my setup got over the years is so fun.”

Do you have any advice or encouraging words for anyone who wants to get into live streaming?

“Honestly, just start. No matter what you’re starting with or which game you play, if you want to do it, do it.”

Streamer Name: kiruwuby

Pronouns: she/her

Favorite Gaming Genre(s): RPGs, story-forward games

Social handles/websites: kiruwuby

Thank you Kiruwuby! <3

And, thank you, readers, for supporting streams and content creators! <3



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