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Sugar Blocks is a creative shop catering to the magical world of kawaii stationery goods! Super cute stickers and sticker flakes, mailing address labels, washi tapes, handmade envelopes, and even Blythe/DAL accessories! Sugar Blocks expresses their love for crafting, explains their shop’s active raffle, and provides a special coupon code for the readers of The Nerdy Bat Cave! Wow! How fantastic is that? Thank you for supporting small businesses like Sugar Blocks!

What were your Inspirations for being a creator?
I love to make things with my hands. I have been crafting since before I could really remember. Lately, my big thing that you will see in my shop is STICKERS! Lots of stickers. This includes sticker flakes, sticker sheets, and custom labels. =) I think some of my biggest inspiration comes really from wanting to supply something that will put a smile on people’s faces. ♥

What is your Favorite Piece created?:
An Intergalactic Hologram Doll Skirt! =D ( I used to be really into making doll clothes, I still do, but not as much as stickers have taken over my life! haha! )

Any Current or New Releases?
Sugar Blocks just had a HUGE update of sticker flakes, handmade envelopes, sticker sheets, and custom labels. It was about 180 new items total! =)

Are there any Promos or Giveaways currently?
Currently, I do have a really awesome PROMO going on! =) It’s a raffle!
The Raffle will run from SATURDAY, JUNE 12th, 2021 to SATURDAY, JULY 10th, 2021!
Raffle tickets will be sent with all orders of $35.00 / $50.00 or more before shipping and handling. If your order is $35.00 or more before shipping and handling you will get one (1) Raffle Ticket sent with your order. If your is $50.00 or more before shipping and handling, you will get two (2) Raffle Tickets sent with your order.
If you make more than one order during the Raffle Ticket Giveaway and your order(s) meets the requirements above, you will get a raffle ticket(s) included with those orders as well.
Are you ready to hear what the prize is if you win?!
If you are the lucky winner and have the winning raffle ticket, you will win a $100 Gift Card to use over at Sugar Blocks! ♥ And, if there are more than 35 orders of $35.00 or more before the Raffle End Date, I will bump up the prize to a $150 Gift Card for you to use over at Sugar Blocks!!! ? I know, it’s insane!!

There is also a special coupon code for The Nerdy Bat Cave Readers! ♥
The coupon code is: SBLOVESNERDYBATCAVE, this coupon is good for $5.00 off any $25.00 purchase before shipping and handling. It expires on 06/28/2021. ♥ YES! You can use this coupon code above toward your order for a Raffle Ticket! ? But please make sure you meet the requirements specified above, thank you!

Any Future Releases to keep an eye out for?
Besides even more stickers and custom labels, you mean? Lately, I have been working on some really awesome new foiled stickers for my shop! Let me tell you, they are so magical and fun! So keep an eye out. =) Also, more handmade envelopes, I love making envelopes.

Do you have anything you would like to say to The Nerdy Bat Cave readers?
Something else that I really enjoy about making stickers, is being able to support artists out there that are truly amazing! If it wasn’t for their art, I wouldn’t have all the amazing stickers that I do! So thank you to all of them! Past, Present, and Future. Thank you for all the inspiration♥

**YES You can use this coupon code above toward your order for a Raffle Ticket! ? But please make sure you meet the requirements specified above, The winning Raffle Ticket will be posted on Sugar Blocks’ Facebook Page and Instagram. Please make sure to hold on to your ticket, because if you win, you will need to send an image of your winning ticket to me via Sugar Blocks on Etsy via Private Message so I can confirm you won! ?. You will have a week (5 days) to claim your prize. A new winner will be chosen if the winning ticket isn’t claimed. Please allow 1- 3 weeks for your prize to ship following the Raffle Ticket Winner Announcement/Ticket Claim**

-Sugar Blocks

Be sure to enter the raffle and utilize the special coupon code to add some super cute additions to your stationery collection! Thank you for supporting lovely creators and small businesses! -Batz

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