Gaming & Content Creation in 2022

Hosted by Stephen Akana and Linda Le (a.k.a VampyBitMe) @ FanimeCon 2022

Get an insider’s scoop with the incredibly talented duo, Stephen Akana and Linda Le (a.k.a VampyBitMe), as they discuss the Gaming and Anime industry, tips and tricks within content creation, improving social channels, and answering panelist’s questions during the Q&A. An enlightening conversation that anyone can truly learn from and grow.

Who is Stephen Akana?

Stephen Akana Gaming

“Having a career in the gaming industry is like a treasure map journey – the joy and love to the X -not at the X.”
-Stephen Akana

Stephen Akana is a Sr. Global Brand Manager who has worked in the gaming industry for many, many years. Stephen’s credentials in the gaming industry are pretty remarkable. With a decade of gaming industry experience at SEGA of America, and 6 years at Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc. Stephen worked on many game titles. Tales of Legends, Condemned Criminal Origins, Bayonetta, Project Mirai, Fantasy Star, and one of Stephen’s personal favorites -Hatsune Miku Project dVA.

Dig Deep, What is the definition of You? -Stephen Akana Gaming

Stephen started working at Whole Foods, and then that shifted a career change into Quality Assurance for the gaming industry. This was initially a temporary position that ended up being a permanent position because of hard work and dedication. Stephen’s professions in the gaming industry range from QA Lead Analyst, Development Operation Manager, to Global Brand Manager. Stephen reassures those interested in a career within the gaming realm to “Have confidence in yourself -BE A GAMER.”

“If you have the opportunity, taking a risk could result in something special.” -Stephen Akana

Who is Linda Le?

Linda Le Gaming

“If you don’t put out your content, it will never be seen.” -Linda Le

The incredible Linda Le, also known as VampyBitMe, is a worldwide prominent and established cosplayer, model, Gunpla builder, and community manager within the gaming and nerdy industry. Linda has a huge heart of gold and genuinely loves making connections. While diving into her favorite passions (i.e. Gunpla, Helping Others, and Metal! ♪ ) Linda can be found as the host of Bandai Namco Collectables Hobby, the Social and Community Manager of the new Bandai Namco FPS title Gundam Evolution, or streaming her passions on Twitch.

Mistakes Are Okay,  You Get Up and That's PArt of the Process -Linda Le (Gaming)

“Showcase your true love and fandom” -Linda Le

Gaming & Content Creation Q&A with Stephen & Linda

Question 1: “For somebody who would like to be a content creator, but hasn’t started, what is a ground zero content creating project tip?” (i.e., Drawing cartoons as a hobby.)

Stephen: “What you can use for your content creation is creating a portfolio. A portfolio is paramount. Think about: If this brings me joy, how can I share this?”

Linda: “Instead of having it [drawing cartoons] as a hobby, apply it in a way that it’s like working. Schedule and structure every day.”

Question 2: “For someone who is interning at a company soon, what should I focus on?”

Stephen: “Connections. Transition to full-time positions.” (Depending on the situation.)

Linda: “Remember that with the connections you make, those people will vouch for you and help with opportunities.”

Question 3: “How to keep followers when you are a small streamer but want to dabble in different genres of streaming?” 

Stephen: Suggested a subchannel (e.g., Link Tree or Lnk.Bio)

Linda: “If someone is following you for your content, they will carry out with you.” While agreeing with Stephen about creating sub channels. “Also, try doing different types of streams on different days.”

Stephen: “Stay You.”

Linda: “Don’t restrict yourself.” 

Question 4: “For content creators with small followings, how do you tell if an offer is a legit sponsorship or not?” (e.g., phishing or fraud)

Stephen: “Always check the credentials, and stick with sponsorships that validate who you are as a brand. Stick with offers that will help grow the channel’s vision.”

Question 5: “ When hitting a plateau on followers [and content ideas], how do you peak it back up?”

Stephen: “That sounds like a creative block. Smaller goals can put you in a better headspace.”

Linda: “Your audience can feel your creative blocks. Having it plateau can be good so you can realize if you are happy with your current content. What is your story?

Question 6: “As a small content creator, is there a place to look where others are looking for small content creators to sponsor?” (Asked by a Variety Streamer)

Stephen: “Subscribe to a content creator network.” 

Linda: “If you think your content can be on other platforms, try it. Make content on different channels and funnel it.”

Stephen: “TikTok is an amazing discovery platform. Also, your profile picture may have a negative effect [with finding sponsorships], as the licensor is going to be critical if your representation [i.e., profile picture] is of a licensed brand/series/etc.”

Linda: “Put your links visible – have a website and portfolio.”

Linda and Stephen in unison: “Numbers are a dangerous path.” (i.e., When referring to focusing on low numbers of followers.)

Question 7: “If I cater to too many genres, should I stick with it all or focus on a few?” (e.g., art and video edits: Making content for various different genres such as fighting games, puzzles, Nintendo, tokusatsu, etc) 

Linda: “That’s me, I like everything. When you do it all, love it all.” Linda continued, “Focus on one thing initially though. Make sure that sings to your audience first, then get that ball rolling, and then trickle in other stuff – don’t confuse them. One thing at a time”

Question 8: “Social media holds a lot of weight and growth. Any tips for those with no exposure from social media?”

Stephen: “Find an audience and share what you do. Every channel has its own type of utility. Are you an artist trying to show off timelapse and creatives? Go for Twitch Live. Timelapse but letting it speak for itself? YouTube would be good.”

Linda: “Every platform is different. Give all those channels the same [brand] name. A lot of the time it’s scary to just start out, but you have all the time right now to be who you are and express yourself. Don’t be afraid, it’s a good time right now.”

Question 9: “When I create content [like Steve-o], how do I expand on my persona?”

Stephen: What is something you are making that’s giving that style of difference that is uniquely you? Amplify that.”

Linda: “Showcase different parts of you.”

Question 10: “Do you have any advice to branch out to specific target audiences or niches?”

Linda: “Depending on what you are doing, join discords, or groups. Make connections and find members who speak to you.

Stephen: “Hashtags. Attach hashtags. This can help target audiences.”

Question 11: “I feel burnt out hosting content all the time. How do I not burn out?” 

Linda: “Use a block schedule. Write down five actions to do towards your content. Focus on that and then you can edit during free time.” Linda continues, “Like for me, with content and cosplay, I shoot all in one day. Then I can edit wherever. Look up block schedule, it is life-changing.”

Question 12: “When my reach is plateaued, what are the best marketing tools for content creators to reach out to the community?”

Stephen: “A couple of different ways is the strength to partner with others. Also utilizing all the social tools in the right way.

Linda: “Funnel your content, direct others, educate into new avenues. Is your content shareable? That’s how you grow.”

Single Digit Followers Are True Followers -Linda Le (Gaming)

If you are a content creator in the making, a long-time creator, or even just starting out -Keep on creating! There are many platforms and resources out there. But most importantly, stay true to yourself and enjoy what you create!

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